Article Submission & Guidelines

Submission Requirements

Article Submission & Guidelines

  1. Each article must be either short form (450 – 500 words) or long form (more than 2000 words). Articles that do not contain the appropriate word count based on this criteria is not acceptable for submission to Telegraph Local.
  2. Each article must clearly say the name of the writer with a contact link.
  3. Each article must be based on a current trending topic or event and must be proofread by the writer before submission.
  4. Any article written about politics must contain all sources with contact information to that source submitted with the article.
  5. All articles must contain at least two in line pictures that are not subject to copyright protection.
  6. All short form submissions must be news worthy breaking stories.

We cannot guarantee your submission will be acccepted nor do we contact you if your article is not accepted. We also may not contact you if the article is accepted. Not all articles accepted will be published. If more than one article is accepted by us from you, you must agree to become a contributing writer to continue to have submissions accepted and must adhere to the rules and policies of a contributing writer. There is no compensation financially for submissions received from blind submissions.

Once an article is accepted, it may not be republished by you on any other platform. Although you may link from that article back to your website or blog twice in any article. We also require at least two links to an out side article in text with your article submission.

To submit an article, please email: