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Phone thief’s mistake, too many selfies – World’s Dumbest Criminals

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, Good Morning, Tampa Bay posts a broadcast regarding Chronic Selfitis, which is considered a disease.

There should be some sort of moratorium for dumb criminals and the internet, but there isn’t. When a smiling female suspect snapped a selfie on her newly stolen iPhone, she sent it straight to the Bay Area police. Perhaps not intentionally, but it bounced about the cloud and landed a slam dunk on the police desk. This was reported by Los Angeles Times on November 18, 2015. 

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It should be noted that “a selfie” is putting it mildly. The woman had an entire photo shoot worth of selfies that she snapped and uploaded to the girl’s cloud. 

Detectives identified her cheery face. It was only a matter of time before technology prevailed and they found their gushing girl. 

In the end, it was the victim of the theft, a young highschool student who was not named on record, who got justice for herself. She immediately recognized the woman in the new selfie that uploaded to her cloud as the woman who attacked her and took her phone. This is how the El Cerrito police caught wind of the Selfie Thief. 

The girl had been walking in El Cerrito on November 5, 2015. El Cerrito is a Bay Area neighborhood between Richmond and Berkeley, California. The LA Times proceeds to tell how a woman exited the vehicle. She confronted the girl. She demanded her cell phone and backpack. The girl refused. The woman punched the girl in the head, rendering her unconscious. The woman then seized her personal effects and fled the scene. The girl was later taken to a hospital for medical treatment. It was not stated by the LA Times which hospital she was transported to. It was also not stated via this account who transported her to said hospital. 

It was also not clearly stated by the LA TImes account or the Gulf News account of this story if the woman was arrested after that. 

ABC 7 also followed up on the violent cell phone snatcher. 

ABC 7 cited a tweet posted by Laura Anthony wondering if the grinning criminal was still smiling in real-time as police were on the hunt for her following her rookie mistake. Laura Anthony is a news reporter for ABC7. 

“I wonder if she’s still smiling now that @ElCerritoPD has put her picture out there?” said Anthony via Twitter.

ABC7 states that a  girl who was attacked in the midst of this bizarre criminal saga was recovering from her injuries  for days. She noticed the photos in her iCloud and turned them over to the police. 

ABC7 spoke with the local police who confirmed the nature of the minor child’s injuries. 

“She hit the juvenile in the head several times causing some minor injuries to her facial area. And actually caused her to lose consciousness and go to the ground,” said Sgt. Ian Wong. 

When asked about the selfies that were helping police to trace the thief, Wong explained in more depth the case with this bizarre woman. 

“I don’t think she knew it was being uploaded to the cloud. I think they were assuming it was on the factory default settings,” said Wong as quoted by ABC7. 

ABC7 also spoke with young people at the highschool that the young victim attended in 2015. One student became quite animated in a sermon to the wise regarding personal belonging and safety when dealing with the police. 

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“Don’t like be showing and trying to be flashy with your phone and stuff like that. Stop showing people you have nice stuff, because people might be wanting the stuff that you have,” he said. 

As the Selfie Thief’s photos bombed across social media, the El Cerrito police started getting a motherload of tips coming in. Did they ever catch the world’s dumbest and supremely vain criminal? It is unclear.

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