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Black Lives Matter Organizer Arrested After Plowing Her Car Into Trump Supporters

A woman was arrested for driving her car into a crowd during a protest in California on Saturday, injuring 2 people. Fox News reported that the woman is charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.  Her bail was set at $1 million.

The assault occurred during a confrontation between Black Lives Matter demonstrators and pro-Donald Trump supporters in Yorba Linda, the birthplace of former President Richard Nixon.  The BLM demonstrators were part of a group called “Caravan for Justice,” according to the New York Post.  The Orange County Sheriff’s Department said of the situation, “Approximately 30 minutes after the protests began, we began to receive reports of physical altercations occurring between the two protest groups, including at least one individual who was pepper-sprayed by another protestor.”  Authorities officially declared the situation a riot and ordered all involved to disperse immediately.

Independent videographer Tomas Morales told the Post Millennial that the BLM supporters had instigated the confrontation.  

The perpetrator of the vehicular assault was Tatiana Turner, 40, of Long Beach, founder of the Caravan for Justice group and a major BLM supporter.

Orange County Sheriff’s Sgt. Dennis Breckner told the Orange County Register, “The victims, from what we can tell, it appears that they were part of the Trump supporters.  [Turner] chose that route” while leaving the event.  “It wasn’t like that was her only avenue of escape, and she didn’t have to leave at that moment; she could have just stayed in her car.”  Police did not release details of how fast Turner’s car was traveling when it struck the victims.  

The injured parties were taken to a local hospital.  A man was observed at the scene with a bandage around his leg, while a woman is reportedly still hospitalized with broken bones in her legs.

The story received decidedly different coverage from media outlets.  The New York Times reported the story under the headline, “California Driver Charged After Striking Two Protestors, Police Say.”  The accompanying story said, “A woman was charged with attempted murder after the car she was driving struck two people during a demonstration for racial justice in California that clashed with a counterprotest on Saturday, the authorities said,” without ever mentioning that the victims were Trump supporters or that the perpetrator was involved with Black Lives Matter.

NPR ran the story under the headline “Woman Charged With Attempted Murder After Driving Into Pro-Trump Protestors.”  The NPR story included information the New York Times omitted.  

“A prolonged confrontation between Black Lives Matter and pro-Trump demonstrators outside Los Angeles turned violent Saturday, as someone drove a car through the pro-Trump group,” the NPR story said. “The driver has been charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. Police say the driver in Saturday’s incident was a member of the so-called ‘Caravan for Justice,’ which organized the Black Lives Matter protest.”

The Daily Mail and the New York Daily News also reported that the victims were Trump supporters and the perpetrator was a BLM supporter.

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